Table of Contents
Preface: Lou Gehrig "I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth." Lou Gehrig, 7/4/1939
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Formal Abstract
Section 3 A Simplified Explanation...
Section 4 A & B Primary Text & Treatment Options
Section 5 President Reagan: "Alzheimer's"
Section 6A Dedication: To Dr. Starzl
Section 6B Dr. Starzl's Response
Section 7, 7A Prior Failed Attempts
Section 8 Correspondence Section
Section 9, 9A, 9B Personal Comments
Section 10A, 10B Proof of concept & Rx Options
Section 10C Repetitive Plasmapheresis
Section 10D Letter to Dr. Thomas E. Starzl
Section 11 Summary
Section 12 References
Section 13A About the Author; Congress. Record
Section 13B Brief Biography