Formal Abstract
Section 02


"Proposed Conceptual and Unifying Theory"

"The glial- neuronal cell damage seen in  Alzheimer’s,  ALS, Primary Dementias, Parkinson’s and many other forms of Neurodegenerative brain diseases result from the inability of an aging, but histologically normal liver, to completely metabolize normal substrates encountered in the course of one’s normal daily life resulting in incompletely metabolized by products, some of which are neurotoxic".

These hepatic generated neurotoxins lead to initial glial-neuron cell degeneration, precipitating progressive glial-neuron cell death. The relative proportions of which specific neurotoxic metabolites are produced, could possibly determine whether any given patient develops ALS, Alzheimer’s, Primary Dementia, Parkinson’s, age related macular degeneration or any or all other forms of neurodegenerative brain diseases currently known to exist.

Hepatic generated neurotoxins almost certainly will have different levels of neurotoxicity, and be produced in varying concentrations and quantities, accounting for the disparity in the rate of progression and clinical manifestations of various types of neurodegenerative brain diseases.

It is quite conceivable and very probable that hepatic generated neurotoxins are chemically and structurally similar to those that lead to hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma and death in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, independent of its proximate cause(s) in addition the specific clinical manifestations of any and all other forms of neurodegenerative diseases.

In plain and simple English, the Liver-Brain-Theory proposes that ”ALS, Alzheimer’s, Primary Dementias, Parkinson’s and age related macular degeneration are nearly identical diseases, differing in only their clinical presentation and are the direct consequence of Neurotoxins Produced in each patient’s own Liver.

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