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Dedication of the Liver-Brain-Theory

I personally dedicate this theory to:

Dr. Thomas Earl Starzl,

The Father of Human Transplantation

Dr. Thomas Earl Starzl is the single most widely cited, published, innovative, productive physician--scientists who has ever lived. It is virtually impossible to find an accomplished liver transplant surgeon whose training extends beyond the branches and shadows of the Starzl Tree of Master Transplant Surgeons.

Sir: On January 4, 2006 a team of your former trainees, now master transplant surgeons themselves, gave me a second chance to live when they removed my diseased liver and replaced it a healthy one. I promised both of us; I will not squander my second life away.

Dr. Starzl is the Highest Ranked Physician in the Book:
1,000 Years 1,000 People
Ranking the Men and Women Who Shaped the Millennium

I extend my personal thanks to each and every one of my special nurses at the Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh. In struggling to keep me alive for multiple weeks while I was in the depths of hepatic encephalopathy, they found it necessary to put and keep me in restraints long enough for me to be able to receive a liver transplant.

May I publically thank each and every one of my special nurses for doing so, and giving me a chance for a second life, and the time to recover to be able to conceive and develop this most heretical theory.

My personal medical experiences provided the primary genesis of these Heretical Ideas: The Liver-Brain-Theory

Charles R. Sachatello MD FACS

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