Proof of Concept
Section 10

The basic premise of the Liver-Brain-Theory is a follows:

The proximate cause(s) of ALS are
“Hepatic Generated Neurotoxins.”

1. It logically follows that a reduction in the quantity of neurotoxins would reduce, minimize or possibly prevent the further progression of loss of additional muscle strength in patients afflicted with ALS.

2. Elimination or prevention of additional neurotoxins production would minimize or totally prevent further progression of the loss of muscle strength in patients afflicted with ALS. These patients would tend to have a more normal life expectancy.

The most certain method of permanently preventing further production of hepatic generated neurotoxins would be to do a liver transplant (replacement). The probability of second liver producing similar neurotoxins is approximately one in 450,000 based on the current estimated incidence of ALS in the USA in 2016. If only a single patient is demonstrated is have total lack of progression of the loss of additional muscle strength following a liver transplant, the basic premise of the liverbraintheory will be validated.

Accordingly I felt obligated to develop simple and inexpensive method to validate or refute the basic premise of the Liver-Brain-Theory.

The first patient recognized to have clinical findings now diagnostic of ALS was described 194 years ago. (1824) Today nearly two centuries later, there has been so little progress in the treatment of ALS that Suicide is considered acceptable treatment in some Scandinavian countries as well as in more than a few well educated Americans. (10)

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